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 Tithes & Offerings

You are welcome to send your tithes, offerings and support through paypal.

When you click the donation button below, a new window will pop up which allows you to select what area your donation will be used for. The three options are: Tithes, Offerings and General ministry support. You also have an option to schedule donations on a one-time, monthly or yearly basis. Paypal is also adding a new field where you can contribute to cover the transaction fees for this donation. Once you check this option, Paypal will show the amount that cover the transaction fees and that amount will be added on top of your donation. (If you feel lead and are in a position to cover these fees we would be grateful as that ensures that we receives the full amount that you are contributing.)

We want to sincerely thank you for your contributions and pray that God reward you a hundred fold.

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